The Weekly

                                  SCRIPTURE READINGS
                      20          Psalm   48        Genesis 16 - 18
                      21          Psalm 49        Genesis 19 - 21
                      22          Psalm   50        Genesis 22 - 24
                      23          Psalm 51        Genesis 25 - 27
                      24          Psalm   52        Genesis 28 - 30
                      25          Psalm   53        Genesis 31 - 33
                      26          Psalm 54        Genesis 34 - 36
We remember in our prayers this week our members:
   At Home: Harvey & Velda Anderson, Larry Herington
       At CCR&LC: Doris Petke
   At Deerview Meadows (Medford): James Larson
       Traditions in Thorp: Dennis Rohland
       The Bethany Lutheran Hearten Home #3: Dorothy Klabon
  In the Military:  Elijah & Taylor Zaldana-Washington  
The JANUARY Ambassador is available in your mailboxes. Be sure that you are taking the one BELOW your name. It is also available online at:
Our condolences to the family of Litta Rowe. Litta entered rest on Wed. January 16, 2019. Her victory celebration was held here on Fri., January 18, 2019.  May the comfort of God’s promises strengthen the family.
The new Worship Assistant Sheet is on the table in the Narthex.  Prayerfully consider volunteering to help keep our services running smoothly.
STEWARDSHIP THOUGHT: John 2:3 – “When the wine ran out, the mother of Jesus said to him, ‘They have no wine.’ ” Behold the faith of Mary: she sees a problem and simply lays it before her Son and Lord, “They have no wine.” She does not offer a proposed solution, she does not demand, she simply states her need and waits for the Lord’s response. She trusts that the Lord is a giver, and she knows that He always provides. May such a faith be ours.
TODAY – ANNUAL CONGREGATIONAL VOTER’S MEETING – All confirmed members over 18 are the voters of the congregation and are encouraged to attend and take part in the operation of the congregation.
The Congregational Annual Report will be available following the Voter’s Meeting.
     TUES. JANUARY 22 – The ladies will be quilting 9-11am. Any helping 
                                              hands are welcome!
                                         THIS WEEK AT ST JOHN’S
            TUES              NOON            Ambassador Deadline                                                                                                 9-11am            Quilting
                             WED               6:30pm            CATECHISM CLASSES
            SUN                9:00am            Worship
                    10:15am             Sunday School