The Weekly

                                                 SCRIPTURE READINGS
                   14     Psalm 39                1 Kings   9 - 11
                   15     Psalm 40               1 Kings 12 - 14
                   16     Psalm 41               1 Kings 15 - 17
                   17     Psalm 42               1 Kings 18 - 20
                   18     Psalm 43               1 Kings 21 - 22
                                                     19     Psalm 44               2 Kings   1 -   3
                                                     20     Psalm 45               2 Kings   4 -   6
      We remember in our prayers this week our members:
       At Home: Harvey & Velda Anderson, Billy Anderson
       At CCR&LC: Phil Benzinger, Doris Felician
       At Deerview Meadows (Medford): James Larson
       Moulder Health Care: Dorothy Klabon
                        Traditions in Thorp: Dennis Rohland
                In the Military:  Elijah & Taylor Zaldana-Washington, Holly Dieball    
Today we welcome Pastor Roland Golz as our guest speaker while Pastor is attending the Youth Gathering. We thank him for his time and talents in leading us in worship today.
Pastor Tom and our Youth are attending the Youth Gathering in Minneapolis, MN July 10th –15th..  He and Jean will also be out of town July 19th – 22nd. If you are in need of Pastoral Services, Pastor Daniel Vang of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Thorp will be our contact Pastor. The church # is 715-669-5608
The JULY Ambassador was mailed this month. There are extra copies available on the table in the Narthex if you didn’t receive one.  It is also available online at:
Our quarterly Voter’s Meeting will be on SUN JULY 28 following our Worship Service.
Stewardship Thought: Luke 10:25 – “Teacher, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?” There is nothing right about this question. What shall I do to inherit? What can you do to inherit the throne of England? You can’t do anything to gain it. An inheritance comes by family ties, not deeds. Our deeds follow and result from our family ties. The Father calls us His own children. So, we inherit eternal life by grace, and we seek to live out our new calling as the Father’s children with our good works.
Vacation Bible School will be held on Monday, July 22nd - Friday, July 26th from 12:30pm-3:30pm at Emmanuel Church, Longwood. Registration forms are on the back table in the Narthex. Please pick up a form, fill out, and return A.S.A.P. to Tonya Klabon or Bekah Dorwaldt, or the secretary office at church. Thank you!
SAVE THE DATE: On Sunday, August 4th, 2019 we will be having a Retirement and Appreciation Dinner for Pastor Tom and Jean at Meadowview Country Club in Owen. The dinner will immediately follow our 10am Worship Service. Please get your R.S.V.P.’s in as soon as possible. The deadline is TODAY July 14th! If you did not receive an invite, please leave a note with your current address in the secretary’s office.
Lawn Mowing Volunteers Needed: Once again we are looking for members to help with the lawn care for this summer. Mowers and fuel are provided. All we need is for people to volunteer for a two week span. Please check the bulletin board by the stairs to sign up. THANK YOU! The month of September is open, yet.
Our Service Assistant Sheet is in need of names. Prayerfully consider this opportunity to help keep our services running smoothly. We currently need a Head Usher for July and Lay assistants for August, September, and October.                                           
                                  THIS WEEK AT ST JOHN’S
 WED JULY 10 – SUN JULY 14         Pastor Tom and Youth attending Youth Gathering
  FRI   JULY 19 – SUN JULY 21         Pastor Tom & Jean are out of town
                              SUN            9am      Worship w/ Comm. with Pastor Don Radde