The Weekly
Last updated on November 8, 2019


                        SCRIPTURE READINGS THIS WEEK
                     10         Psalm 129        Nahum
                     11         Psalm 130        Habakkuk
                     12         Psalm 131        Zephaniah
                     13         Psalm 132        Haggai
                     14         Psalm 133        Zechariah 1-5
                     15         Psalm 134        Zechariah 6-10
                     16         Psalm 135        Zechariah 11-14
  We remember in our prayers this week our members:
       At Home: Harvey & Velda Anderson, Bill Anderson, Helen  Pagel, MaryAnn Baehr, Janet Rogalski, Char Hatlestad
      At CCR&LC: Phil Benzinger, Doris Felician
      At Deerview Meadows (Medford): James Larson
      Moulder Health Care: Dorothy Klabon  
      Traditions-Thorp: Dennis Rohland
      Colby Retirement Center: Bill & Gail Krug
In  the Military: Elijah & Taylor Zaldana, Holly Dieball  
OFFICE HOURS:  For the month of NOVEMBER – Mon. – by appointment, Tues, Wed, Thurs 10:30am-2:30pm,  Fri – 10:30am-12:30pm. Feel free to stop in  during these hours or leave a message on the answering machine @ 715-229-4211. Pastor Daniel Vang will be in this office on Tuesdays from 9:30am – 3:00pm or by appointment @ 715-669-5608.
ADDRESS / PHONE # CHANGES  - In order to keep our Directory current and updated, please pick up an address form on the back table in the Narthex, fill out and return. Thank you.
Stewardship Thought : Luke 20:38 – “Now he is not God of the dead, but of the living, for all live to him.” We are people of the Resurrection. We know our future. And this knowledge colors all our actions in this world. Since we know we are destined to live in God’s kingdom forever, what kind of lives ought we to live? Where should our priorities be?

Please hand in your surveys concerning the call process that were found in your mailboxes
       Sun. Nov. 10th – Church Council meets at 11:15am

                                   Youth & Parent Meeting regarding the planning of the next
                                   Youth Gathering in Houston, TX in July 2022 – 6:00pm.              
       Thurs. Nov. 14thHomemade Spaghetti Dinner 4-7pm – St. Paul’s, Thorp.
                                   See the poster on the bulletin board for details.
        Wed. Nov. 20thDeer Hunter’s Service – 7:00pm
                                       NO CATECHISMS CLASS
         Wed. Nov. 27thThanksgiving Eve Service at St. Paul’s in Thorp – 7:00pm –                                             NO CATECHISM CLASSES

                                 WE HONOR THE LIVING          

                                     VETERANS FROM
                                  OUR CHURCH FAMILY
            Harvey Anderson                       Alex Dunnivent                                                                  Grant Auberg                             Emily Heggemeier                                
            Lanny Auberg                            Larry Herington
            Fred Baehr                                 Ray Johnson
            Dave Blazer                               Kristin Kitlica
           Michael Crown                           Kari Klabon
           Keith Dawson                             Keith Klabon
           Mark Dawson                             Ken Klabon
           Shane Dawson                            Kirby Klabon                    
           Holly Dieball                              Bill Krug                                       
           John Dorwaldt                            Mel Kudingo                  
           Lynn Nevala                               Derek Poppe
           James Larson                              Rick Poppe
          Christopher Lindgren                  Ron Poppe
          Everett Lindgren                         Jerry Rakovec
          Tim Lindgren                              Craig Reuter
          Jason Megna                               Terry Rohland
          Lisa Milliren                               Steve Schamber
          Larry Mueller                              Allen (Hebrew) Selvig                                                      Tom Mueller                               Keith Weller
          Rick Myhre                                 Dave Wirtala
          Robert Myhre                              Elijah Zaldana
          Helen Pagel                                 Taylor Zaldana