The Weekly
Last updated on August 6, 2020


               ST. JOHN’S WEEKLY                                      715-229-4211     
              Pastor Daniel Vang – Vacancy Pastor              715-669-5608
          Accompanist – Ellen Niemi      
                                SUNDAY,  AUGUST 9, 2020
The service today can be viewed on Facebook “LIVE” at 10:15am.
     If you do not have Facebook or internet access, please contact the Church at 715-229-4211 and we will make arrangements for you to get a paper copy of the sermon.  
     Another way to join in on the service is called ZOOM. The worship service can be listened to on your landline or cell phone at 9:00am on Sundays. Dial 1-312-626-6799. Enter the Meeting ID when prompted: 328-764-4365, PASSWORD 941740. When prompted for Participant ID, just press # to skip. ENJOY THE SERVICE. Long distance rates will apply depending on your phone plan.
                 Pentecost 10 – Your Life Is Christ: Beautiful Feet
          Hymns:  Amazing Grace   #744
                         How Shall They Hear Who Have Not Heard   #831
                         Praise the One Who Breaks the Darkness   #849
                               PRAYER OF MEDITATION
In the storms of life, O Lord, may we come to you and take your hand, and let you guide us to safety. Free us from the fears that would paralyze us and stop us from seeking help from you. In all situations, may we always seek your face.
            Needed Weekly   $2439.00        August 2 - $2692.00
 Missions - $70.00   Growth - $60.00   Concordia Refund - $134.10
                                       Attendance – 43               
You can send in your contributions via the mail. Just put it in your assigned church envelope, seal it, put a stamp on the address side, and mail it. The Postal Service will deliver it.                         
                                    SCRIPTURE READINGS
                      9     Psalm 63              2 Chronicles 22 - 24
                    10     Psalm 64              2 Chronicles 25 - 27
                    11     Psalm 65              2 Chronicles 28 - 30
                    12     Psalm 66              2 Chronicles 31 - 33
                    13     Psalm 67              2 Chronicles 34 - 36
                    14     Psalm 68              Ezra   1 -   5
                    15     Psalm 69              Ezra   6 - 10
Stewardship Thought : Matt. 14:30 – “But when he saw the wind, he was afraid, and beginning to sink he cried out, ‘Lord, save me.’ ” The world really is a scary place – natural disasters, disease, terrorism, and a hundred other things. But where do we place our hope, our trust, and our vision? Where do we look for aid and comfort? When Peter’s eyes were on the Lord, he had confidence. When he turned to look at his problems and took his eyes off the Lord, he fell apart. Sometimes God’s call to support the work of His Church with our offerings makes us nervous. But put your eyes back on your Lord, trust Him, follow His Word, and all will be well.
           We remember in our prayers this week our members and friends:
         At Home:  Harvey & Velda Anderson, Helen Pagel, Mallory Blasel, Jody Devereaux (Baehr’s son in law), August Gutsch, Mary Giese (Cindy Gutsch’s mother)
         At CCLRC: Doris Felician   
         In Thorp: Dennis Rohland, Phil Benzinger
         Moulder Health Care: Dorothy Klabon
In The Military: Elijah & Taylor Zaldana-Washington, Holly Dieball, Alex Dunnivent
It was discussed at the July Voter’s Meeting to get part of the South parking lot seal coated when they are in the area. Anyone wishing to donate to this cause, simply mark it on an envelope “Parking Lot Chip Seaing” and place in offering plate and those funds will be used for that purpose – THANK-YOU!