The Weekly

20        Psalm 138                   John 11 - 12
21        Psalm 139                   John 13 - 14
22        Psalm 140                   John 15 - 16
23        Psalm 141                   John 17 - 18
24        Psalm 142                   John 19
25        Psalm 143                   John 20 - 21
26         Psalm 144                   Acts   1 -   2
We remember in our prayers this week our members and friends:
At Home:  Viola Jenness, Litta Rowe, Harvey & Velda Anderson
At CCR&LC: Doris Petke
The Bethany Lutheran Hearten Home #3: Dorothy Klabon
In Thorp: Dennis Rohland
In The Military: Kristin Kitlica, Emily Heggemeier, Jessica Pharo, and Elijah & Taylor Zaldana-Washington.
Serving our Lord in Kenya:  Jason and Diana Stephens and Family
The May Ambassador is available in your mailboxes. Be sure that you are taking the one BELOW your name. It is also available online at:
Stewardship Thought: Acts 2:1  “When the day of Pentecost arrived, they were all together in one place.” Pentecost was the Old Testament harvest festival: a time of thanksgiving, bounty, and the giving of gifts. How appropriate that in the New Testament it takes on the meaning of harvest the ripe fields of the nations, bringing in the elect of every tribe and tongue to sing the Lord’s praise. Every farmer knows that it is God who gives the increase, that harvest calls for thanksgiving.

   Sign-up sheet for Volunteers for Lawn Mowing is on the bulletin  board by the stairs.  Please consider helping to keep our yard looking nice this summer.
Part-time janitor needed A.S.A.P. -  5-10 hours/week- Contact the trustees.
Due to the number of snowfalls this winter our snowplowing fees are mounting. Anyone  wishing to donate towards this cause can do so by placing a donation in the special envelopes found in pews and make a notation “SNOWPLOWING.”  Thank-you!
The 2018 Worship Assistant Sheet is on the table in the narthex. Please consider volunteering to help keep our services running smoothly.
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