The Weekly

                                    SCRIPTURE READINGS
                        23   Psalm 106     Jeremiah             4-6
                        24   Psalm 107     Jeremiah             7-9        
                        25   Psalm 108     Jeremiah         10-12
                        26   Psalm 109     Jeremiah         13-15
                        27   Psalm 110     Jeremiah         16-18
                        28   Psalm 111     Jeremiah         19-22       
                        29   Psalm 112     Jeremiah         23-25

  We remember in our prayers this week our members:
At Home: Viola Jenness, Litta Rowe, Harvey & Velda Anderson
At CCR&LC: Doris Petke, James Larson
The Bethany Lutheran Hearten Home#3: Dorothy Klabon
Traditions in Thorp: Dennis Rohland
In the Military:  Kristin Kitlica, Jessica Pharo, Emily Heggemeier, and Elijah & Taylor Zaldana-Washington
Our condolences to the Family of Donna Schluter Parker who entered eternal rest on Tuesday afternoon.  Her memorial service/victory celebration will be held here at the church on Sunday September 30th at 1:00pm.
The SEPTEMBER Ambassador is available in your mailboxes. Be sure that you are taking the one BELOW your name It is also available online at:
Thank you to all who have volunteered to fill the openings on the on the 2018 Service Assistants sheet. We are still in need of a HEAD USHER for December. Prayerfully consider volunteering.
Stewardship Thought: Mark 9:32 – “But they did not understand the saying and were afraid to ask him.” The disciples really do hold up a mirror to our faces and force us to see ourselves: misunderstanding, afraid, confused. But the Word of God is clear if only we will listen with open ears. What was blocking the disciples’ ears? The Gospels tell us time and again: they did not expect a suffering Christ, and so when Jesus spoke of suffering they plugged their ears and didn’t listen, and so they ended up confused and scared. What about us? What’s in the Word of God that we find hard to hear and contrary to our desires and expectations? That might just be exactly what we need to hear.
UPCOMING EVENT: The fall Voter’s Meeting will be October 21st, 2018. We are looking for nominees to fill various positions for the upcoming church year. Please consider being nominated for our church council to help our church business functions run smoothly. The following positions are open for a one year term: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Financial Secretaries (2). We also need people to serve a 3 year term on the Board of Lay Ministry, Board of Education, Board of Trustees, and the Board of Christian Growth & Outreach. Thank you for your consideration.            
NOTE: Due to a system upgrade with the Marshfield Medical Hospital System, we are unable, at this time, to get information if there are members hospitalized. If you know of a family member or friend from our church who is hospitalized, please contact the church office so we can include them in our prayers.
                                        THIS WEEK AT ST JOHN’S
          TUES                                      Ambassador Deadline
                                           9-11:30am            Quilting
WED           6:30pm                 Confirmation Classes
                      SUN          9:00am                Worship
                                       10:00am               Sunday School
                 1:00pm                 Memorial Service for Donna Schluter